More Papiamentu

Several books in English, Dutch, Spanish, etc.
have been written about Papiamentu

The following is a selection of English books about Papiamentu. The first three books should be available in the bookstores of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The Story of Papiamentu is available in bookstores in the US.

    Papiamentu Textbook
E. R. Goilo

Published by De Wit Stores N. V.
Oranjestad - Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, 1994
Price: NAF 27.00

This book contains twenty Papiamentu lessons ranging from the basics to more advanced topics and texts. It has a good balance between practical examples and grammar. Versions in Spanish and Dutch are also available.

    English/Papiamentu Dictionary
Papiamentu/Ingles Dikshonario

Betty Ratzlaff, ed.

Published by the TWR Dictionary Foundation
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, 1995
ISBN: 99904-0-030-X
Price: NAF 49.00

This English/Papiamentu Papiamentu/English dictionary is popular in Curaçao and Bonaire; in Aruba I saw another one of comparable size. Dictionaries in other languages are also available.

    The Kiss of a Slave
Papiamentu's West-Africa Connections
Efraim Frank Martinus

Ph.D. thesis, University of Amsterdam, 1996
Reprinted with corrections in Curaçao, 1997
Price: NAF 57.50

This book contains a linguistic study about the origins of Papiamentu, especially considering its connections with other Creole languages.


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The Story of Papiamentu
A Study in Slavery and Language
Gary C. Fouse

University Press of America, USA, 2002
ISBN: 0-7618-2323-9
Price: US$ 35.00

This book is a comprehensive historical study of Papiamentu. It traces the history of the language starting with the African slave trade and slavery to the development of Papiamentu and to current day issues.

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